Thermal and photoelectric solar systems – whether separately or together – require a holistic approach and implementation.  We look forward to your requirements, whether you are looking for grid-tied solar electricity, or thermal solar.

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Tables that produce solar electricity for your fridge, toaster, your washing machine, electric oven or even your electrical car.  Intelligent electrical switches that automatically adjust your electrical usage to take advantage of your solar electrons!  We offer a diverse range of products and solutions with charm and elegance.

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Visit us at one of our projects under construction, or have a look at our portfolio of completed projects.  Project details and technical specifications are provided where possible, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Solar energy is on everyone's lips in a most positive way. I am convinced that you, at home, in your town or in your area, can greatly contribute to the expansion of solar applications. The shift to solar energy doesn’t happen on its own. Subsidies are not a solution. Don’t let yourself be fooled or discouraged: be curious, ask questions. It will be our pleasure to accompany you throughout this process. Solar energy has a bright future and has proven it in practice for years: thermal and solar energy applications are economically viable and reliable. The fact remains that the sun is an inexhaustible source. Start the adventure with us toward a solar future.

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