We build your grid-connected solar power plant on your use and requirements: with Taiga Elements you can catch the sun ... and put it in your power socket! There are good reasons for us to be your partner to guide you into your solar electrical future.


We are always at the forefront of innovation

Whether it is about your home, patio, farm, sunny green space, balcony or business, we stand by your side: from the idea to the final realization through the on-site discussions, sketches, plans and concrete offers. To best suit your interest, the free and non-binding quote is also divided into the Premium, Classic or Basic versions. With our Polysun software we are able to make layout and specific performance simulations, whether you chose a single product or a various components selection. We also provide a clear road map to allow you to anticipate delays and end dates. It goes without saying that we remain by your side throughout the duration of use, which complements our service offering.


We’ve proved ourselves competent for years

Once your order is confirmed, we aim to smoothly and quickly accomplish all the paperwork related to your project. This includes building permits, cantonal, supra-regional or national government authorizations, and the connection authorization to the electrical grid. If necessary, we also constitute the complete file to obtain plans from the Swiss Confederation of High Voltage Electric Current (ESTI). To ensure continuous workflow, rest assured that we will deliver the ordered parts in due time. Whether it is about solar modules, inverters, panels or any other required pieces (accessory), you can trust our expertise in logistics as well as our 10 years of project management experience. We put our internationalized roots in the solar world and our mastery of supply chains at your service. We are at your side with flexibility, innovation and adaptability. Opt for optimal solutions. We are just as thrilled for the missions to come as we are to achieve your goals together.


Our offer is solely composed of brand-new products

Do you like the idea of a solar site without surprises or hidden fees? With us, you know in advance the value of your solar power plant and you know how much you have to invest. The assembly of the solar modules, the fastening of the mechanical inverters and all the ancillary components, as well as the connection of the DC portion, are equally a part of your "solar project" as the connection of the solar generator to the public electrical grid. Further into the project, we evaluate the need for strengthening the existing network, so you'll have a complete visibility of the costs involved without any unpleasant surprises. Trust and reliability are essential.

With this logic, we'll freely show you some examples of the many projects carried out by Taiga Elements that led to a production of 400kW to over 2,500m2 of surface of solar modules. Rely on our quality in terms of execution and timeliness.