Does your budget not match the solar plant you want? Or, as a tenant, do you lack a balcony, terrace or garden? But do you still feel the desire to live healthily and respectfully for our environment? Do you like organic and healthy food produced directly in our region as much as you like clean solar energy? Contact us!

We have the products, models and solutions you need. The execution of one of our projects, the installation of a 196kW solar power plant has broadened our horizons. Indeed, we had the pleasure to work in partnership with a local producer from Jura, near Delemont: an organic farm that delivers throughout Switzerland. There is no need to say that the energy used in the production of such delicacy – Bio Suisse labeled – comes from our large installation on the very roof of the farm. You can opt for an organic food delivery in its Premium, Classic or Basic version, but also for a global solution: BIOSOL. This bold concept combines the delivery of organic food with electricity supply. The electricity is also produced at the farm by Anita and Bertrand Wüthrich’s solar power plant. And they will both be delivered...directly to your home!


We are always at the forefront of innovation

Haven’t found or haven’t made up your mind about the available funding options for your solar power plant project? We are able to assess the cost of the project that is close to your heart (all factors considered) and come up with the best solutions. We also work together to look at the funding options you have selected. Also, remember that all -or part- of your electric bill turns into financing capacity! Call us and benefit directly from our advice. If the solar power plant doesn’t cover all of your long-term consumption, we’ll come to you with internal financing solutions. In the same way, as with a leased car, the solar plant will gradually become yours. You will find further explanations in the download section under "Heading".


Years of expertise at your service

A solar power plant only reaches its desired performance if it consistently and reliably produces energy. The key profitability factors are sunlight and technical reliability. Only the latter can be managed with professional support of the PV-unit. This includes surveillance, maintenance and quick resolution of malfunctions. All of this is accompanied by the performance visualization of your system via PC or smartphone. Any problems reach us immediately. This guarantees efficiency 365 days per year. Any inverters to replace or adjustments to remake? We are alerted and can, with your agreement, intervene within 24 hours. Further information concerning our Service Pack offer is available in our download section under "Operation".


Our offer is solely composed of brand-new products

Whether they are thermal or electrical, solar power plants have a long lifespan: over 30 years. Depending on the layout and the environment, a controlled professional cleaning of the solar modules and collectors may significantly increase the longevity and efficiency of the plant. In order for the thermal or solar energy plant to remain as profitable as it is the first day, it is essential to provide regular maintenance. In cases where the solar panels are mounted horizontally (tilt-less) or they are near an area of trash or natural genes (urban or industrial area, near a forest or roads), we recommend regular cleaning. We conduct reconnaissance flights with infrared cameras to quickly detect any electrical alterations and come up with solutions if need be. Depending on the interval and size, we suggest an (annual) inspection or maintenance (every 3 to 5 years). Not only is the inclusion of a maintenance contract for any thermal or energy solar power plant possible, but recommended. You will find further information in our download section under "Maintenance".