Sustainable energy consumption, with controlled costs can only be achieved with a modern energetic technology. That is what makes dialogue with our customer so crucial. Together with the experts at Taiga Elements, you can make an inventory of these energy resources. You can also determine how to change or complete them while remaining economically viable thanks to our solar energy solutions.

Our advice services are neutrally provided, across all manufacturers. We feel a responsibility to suggest and explain the different options available to you so you can head on to a multi-resources solution: the essential gain is made through non- fossil sources (the sun), the traditional energy sources (wood, electricity, gas, fuel, oil) are used to cover residual heat needs.

The SOLTHERM division into its Premium, Classic and Basic versions lets you quickly see the economic return as well as the amount to invest with full transparency. On request, we can offer custom solutions that take design and material’s origin into account. With a thoughtful combination of technical elements, we will always be able to suggest and execute unusual projects.

As a user, any planning (for both thermal and photovoltaic plants) begins with a discussion around your current and future consumption (in the decades to come, integrating predictable peaks). The analysis of the heating costs of your home or building is the basis for us to evaluate your needs in major solar and complementary solutions. Years of experience have honed our expertise in the field. We know how to detect and point out hidden consumption as well as to show you the positions where savings are possible. We design and implement solutions tailored to your energy consumption profile. We deliberately avoid oversized solutions, particularly in the area of solar collectors, circulation pumps, heat exchanger and accumulators coupled with questionable energy solutions.


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The term "dimensioning" refers to the technical field. It is here the design or adjustment of different parts so they can fulfill their function in a minimalist way. This process finds its place in the phases of design, execution, manufacture and use. The temperature, pressure and humidity of the operating environment are also important to evaluate hot water consumption as the devices used to make statements (numbers or graphs). We take care to consider the lifetime and the guarantee of the whole installation to inform you of expansion conditions and opportunities. Once the decisions concerning the construction method, raw materials, machining, modules of the plant and facilities (hot water tank) are made, we conduct measurements readings


Years of experience at your service

The first surveys serve us as a basis for hydraulics general understanding but also provide more specific details on generated hydraulic variables. Then, we optimise some parameters such as batteries, solar collectors panels or types of inverters. We also do the same for some of the control concepts (gravity, radiation, temperature, cal charge). It is second-nature to us! In this way, we reach the maximized coverage heating or energy needs from the sun while keeping the use of non-renewable alternatives such as gas, wood, fuel, heat pumps etc. to a minimum. Feel free to submit your plan or concept so we can determine your areas for improvement for optimum performance and minimum costs.


Our offer is solely composed of brand-new products

The dimensioning, evaluation and verification of the technical concepts of multi-sources power plants (solar energy + fossil fuels) to a lessening of the costs for the customer is today unthinkable without computer assistance.
This need led us to use the "Polysun" software proposed in his professional alternative by our partner "Vela Solaris Winterthur" in Switzerland (LINK). With this software, we realise all the simulations and dimensionings of the thermal solar energy sector. It is also a support for us with combined projects that are more complex, such as the association of heat pump and solar plant to solar power plant, for example. Regular updates keep us at the cutting edge of technology.

Were we able to stimulate your curiosity? Start your own simulation: directly login to our online gateway to Polysun and make your plans for the photovoltaic, solar thermal, heat pumps and refrigeration units. If you need help or want a detailed simulation, please contact us. We will get back to you with a complete and accurate offer based on your location -in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world.  Our spectrum of activity goes from the first steps and manipulations, to the design of complex multi-plants through the detailed figures of performance and consumption. A first overview of our "service packs" offers is possible in our download section under "Simulation". There, you will find the Premium, Classic and Basic versions.

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