Do you find gas or fuel heating as obsolete as the carriages of the 19th century? Don’t you want to give up on comfort and reliability? In this case, you can trust our experience and go for a clean, easy-to-use solution and whose performance is as reliable as these backward-looking alternatives. With us, your future in the thermal solar will find a strong partner.

Today, solar thermal systems are a necessary and practical part of any modern heating system. By their nature, they reduce the consumption of fossil energy. With a sensible need for energy and under proper conditions (environment, user behavior, geographical location), the need for fossil energy supplement is minimal. The use of solar thermal technology directly protects the environment, lowers energy costs and generates a yield that is at least twice as efficient as the best solar modules. Nowadays, the trend is towards modern solar collectors. Half of those built also support heating. On the test bench, modern solar collectors - in their Classic or Basic versions- reach a resting temperature well above 200 °C. Our Premium versions will even exceed 270 °C at rest.


We are always at the forefront of innovation

It might be difficult to have an overall conception of the different factors that constitute the integration of solar in your energy offer. Expertise and in-depth knowledge are essential to determine the best combination possible between solar and non-solar (wood, electricity, gas, fuel) and optimize their respective use. We invite you to see more clearly and take the first steps or make all the plans through our "Polysun" software. This software allows you to perform simulations of a solar project from A to Z with ease. If you are a consultant, feel free to use this tool to make your job easier as we ease our job everyday in our business with our customers. It goes without saying that we remain at your side if needed.


Years of experience at your service

The delivery of our SOLTHERM product -in its Premium, Classic or Basic version- is decentralized. It is therefore worldwide quick and efficient. Whether it is about delivering in your own site or routing useful components in our common, discussed together site, you can trust us to be on time at lower costs. Our logistics service providers can manage the constraints and will forward your most original orders - by road, sea and air - regardless of your country or region.


Our offer is solely composed of brand-new products

You are thrilled about the idea of your solar plant yet you wonder how it works as an additional heating? Rely on our professionalism. The progress of the site follows a set of very precise specifications. This includes roofing work, piping installation, hydraulic system mounting and components implementation. Other activities such as professional insulation of all pipes and components (solar battery) take also place according to a predefined work schedule. In a word: you know exactly what you commit yourself into and for what amount. There are no hidden fees. For us, transparency goes with confidence. We also integrate fiscal specifities applying to solar plants with additional heating. This last point is part of our area of expertise.