Open Day in Mettembert

Saturday, 13th May 2017, 11 am – 08 pm

Use solar energy in a highly intelligent manner – for your house and the electromobility which is getting more and more important.

We take the European Week of the Sun as an occasion to show you our innovative concepts in the field of solar energy and electromobility. Come to see us and get a picture of the numerous application possibilities.

You can expect a colourful program with slack-line balancing acts and roboter-pantomime-performance acts shows so that even the youngest of us will have fun. From 7 pm on the day will be closed with a concert performance of Lully opera Phaeton under the musical direction of Antonius Adamski.

On the technical side you will find numerous information desks on solar and e-mobile topics in German and in French; but of course you can also get all explications in English. Also you can take a close look at our integrated grid-connected photovoltaic system and you can familiarize yourself with our completely new technology, a new in-house integrated ebike battery system. Our e-mobility partner Angelika Steinhauser from evelo-city and her team will be present to show you new ebikes/Pedelecs and to explain you how you can simply take an ebike conversion kit of high quality components to easily transform a current ‘normal’ standard bike into a top e-bike / pedelec. Of course you can also take the opportunity to make some test rides.

We will also explain how you can directly integrate your E-bike or Pedelec into your photovoltaic system to supply electricity. Take the chance to discuss and to ask questions; you will for sure re-discover solar energy and electromobility in a new interesting manner.

Let you convince as well that it is easy to generate the electrical annual needs yourself on your terrace or in your garden or on your balcony – autonomous and independent of your power supplier. For example just use our fully functional solar table SOJUBO which is directly connected to the public grid by a simple socket. The expected 300 kWh which you can expect annually are more than sufficient to produce the additional electrical energy which you need for your e-bike trips.

With sunny e-mobile greetings!

Angelika Steinhauser
Evelo-City Sàrl
1635 La Tour-de-Trême

Dirk Junghans
Taiga Elements Sàrl
2806 Mettembert